Terranean refers to planet Earth, as I am a geographer. It also includes Tera, a diminutive of my name. And I am a knitter and sewer. That's what Terranean Stitch means.

Knitting & Sewing • 1. 1. 2023

I usually am a huge planner and organiser. That’s why I love Ravelry! However, the usual Make Nine Challenge with specific patterns hasn’t worked for me in the past because I change my mind throughout the year and don’t want to knit the chosen patterns anymore. That’s why I decided for a bit of change (what a shock! I usually hate changes!). My Make Nines now include mainly a general wish such as “more knitted socks” or “sew something in corduroy”. This way, my Make Nines will hopefully guide me and remind me of what I need or want in my wardrobe. And another change is that I prepared a Make Nine list not only for knitting, as in the previous years, but also for sewing, as I sew more and more frequently. So it’s more like #MakeEighteen2023, actually! So what am I planning for 2023?

Make Nine for knitting

I knit like 30 projects a year, so 9 projects don’t seem like that much. We’ll see how I’ll manage to knit these! There is one particular yarn I want to try, two specific patterns, and the rest of the little squared windows are filled with general wishes to add to my wardrobe.

Make Nine for knitting, the first row

More knitted socks → I started wearing hand-knitted socks this winter, and I love it! My feet are always cold. So I need to knit more socks, both in standard and ankle height. I enjoy knitting plain socks with afterthought heel construction the most, but I also have 52 Weeks of Socks, and I am definitely planning to knit some designs.

Huge grey shawl → My wardrobe is full of grey sweaters (and I need more colours), but I realised I have no grey shawl! Also, most of my shawls are rather small, and I wear them in autumn or spring, but I need more big shawls for winter to stay warm. I actually chose the pattern I wanted to use. It’s Stairway by Susanne Sommer, and I already got yarn for it as a Christmas gift.

Very oversized pullover → Recently, I have preferred wearing big clothes, as I don’t want to be seen. Does it make sense? I have several oversized sweaters, but no really really really oversized sweater whose huge positive ease would actually work the way I want. I haven’t chosen any pattern yet, but it must be cozy, fluffy, and very huge.

Make Nine for knitting, the second row

Tussah TweedTussah Tweed is a 100% cruelty-free silk yarn from BC Garn that I have wanted to use for a long time. I would like to fulfil this dream for some summer knits this year.

Knitted t-shirt → I have never knitted a t-shirt. Well, I have. I knitted one that I have never worn because it just doesn’t fit, and I knitted one sleeveless top, but I don’t wear sleeveless tops at all; I just wanted to try knitting one. I am not sure that the knitted t-shirt will be a good fit for me, but I want to try it as well as the top. We’ll see which one I’ll choose!

Cropped pullover to wear with dress or skirt → I have one cropped cardigan and I love it. Currently, I am knitting one cropped pullover already. But still, I need more to wear my sewed dresses and skirts more!

Make Nine for knitting, the third row

Long cardigan → I love the look of a long cardigan, and, as I said, I don’t want to be seen. The long cardigan is perfect for hiding and wrapping up. I don’t know which design I’ll choose, but I like many!

Mohair sweater → Oh, I know exactly which pattern I’ll use for this one! Lento by Jonna Hietala. And I already know what yarns I want to use. The sweater should be brown, and I want to use Isager Highland Wool in colourway Soil together with Biches et Bûches Le Petit Silk & Mohair in colourway Dark brown.

Anything Harry Potter related → I am still a potterhead and a proud Ravenclaw! I can’t believe I have never knitted anything related to Harry Potter. I am thinking of a Weasley Sweater (using Flax pattern by Tincanknits) or maybe a house scarf?

Make Nine for sewing

I sew much less than I knit, as I need more time and concentration. Finishing these nine ideas will be much harder than finishing the knitting plans. However, these are well-thought wishes that I would really love to have.

Make Nine for sewing, the first row

Green checkered Hinterland dress → Well, this is very specific. But I love Hinterland Dress, and I need more, and I need specifically, among others, these green checkered one!

More Field bags → Another specific? Well, the Field bag is just my favourite thing to sew. No wonder I will definitely sew more. But I have always used lightweight fabric. I would like to use some heavier canvas as well.

Leggings → So far, I have always bought leggings, whether it was fast-fashion or some local brand. I would like to sew them myself. I especially want to sew leggings for a workout, using fabric with no or minimum synthetic fibres. I’ll probably use this free Peg Legs pattern by Patterns for Pirates.

Make Nine for sewing, the second row

Striped t-shirts → Who wouldn’t like t-shirts? And who wouldn’t like stripes? I want more striped t-shirts in my wardrobe, both with short and long sleeves.

Corduroy → I have always loved corduroy. Even back then when I was little and it was very hard to buy corduroy pants. I just hated denim. I still love corduroy and would like to use this fabric for something. I don’t know what it will be yet. But I’ll definitely use a deadstock fabric from Textile Mountain.

Leftovers → I know how to use non-stretchy fabric leftovers. I could sew some Field bag or skirt or dress or a quilted blanket. However, I have to figure out how to use jersey leftovers. Any tips?

Make Nine for sewing, the third row

Jeans → I have been losing weight, and I need new jeans again and again. I want to sew my own, that would really fit. The pants I buy are either huge at my waist or tight at my hips. I could sew perfectly-fitted jeans myself, right? I want to use Dawn pattern by Megan Nielsen.

T-shirts → I never have enough t-shirts! They either stretch out, or they are too big from losing weight. So when I need new ones, I would like to make them by myself, using organic cotton. I haven’t found the perfect pattern yet, but I have been trying this free Basic InstincT by Secondo Piano.

Long shirt → Last year, I bought myself a long flannel shirt, and I really love it. However, I couldn’t find another similar shirt, so I want to try and sew it myself! For Christmas 2022, I sewed one flannel shirt for my husband, so I have some basic experience, and this is a perfect way how to improve my skills. I am thinking of alternating the pattern I bought for my husband’s shirt, Jensen by Wardobe by Me.

Terranean refers to planet Earth, as I am a geographer. It also includes Tera, a diminutive of my name. And I am a knitter and sewer. That's what Terranean Stitch means.