Terranean refers to planet Earth, as I am a geographer. It also includes Tera, a diminutive of my name. And I am a knitter and sewer. That's what Terranean Stitch means.

Knitting • 31. 12. 2023

I have a dark past when it comes to Make Nines. The usual Make Nine Challenge with specific patterns had never really worked for me, so I changed it a bit the last year. It included rather general wishes than more specifics, and I managed to knit 5/9 of them. To tell the truth, I have not been so committed that I would often look at the pictures when deciding what to knit next. I just like to compare what I wanted with what I want a year later. And this year, my Make Nine will be very similar! I also put together the sewing and knitting plans, as I haven’t been sewing much lately, so making one Make Nine just for sewing doesn’t make sense. My #MakeNine2024 also includes two things from last year that I didn’t knit but still want. See below for a brief description of each of the “wishes”.

#MakeNine2024, the first row

Mohair sweater → This is a project I also had in my #MakeNine2023 but I didn’t even start it. I was thinking of Lento by Jonna Hietala in brown, but I’ve changed my mind since then. Well, not completely. I am still thinking of Lento, but it would be in green, or maybe Hento by Meiju K-P, for which I would use a yarn from a sweater I don’t wear, together with a new mohair. That would be yellow.

Ravenclaw scarf → I am a huge potterhead, you know? I knitted a Weasley Sweater in 2023, and I want more Harry Potter related projects in 2024! I researched the available patterns and decided on Hogwarts House Scarf by Dovile Petra. I still don’t know whether I’ll use book or film colours, though.

Try intarsia → Can you believe I have never knitted intarsia? I would really love to try that! I have a few possible projects in mind: Cecil Shawl by Joanna Herriott (which is in fact my New Year’s Cast On), Colorblock Pullover by Hannah Singleton, or Mooncrush Pullover by Jacqueline Cieslak. Or maybe all of them?

#MakeNine2024, the second row

Luna Lovegood costume → I went to Harry Potter Exhibition when both the event and I were located in Vienna, and I was fascinated by the deep thoughts behind every costume. And I really liked seeing one outfit of Luna Lovegood, my favourite character. So, I decided to knit and sew this exact Luna Lovegood costume. I want to knit the cardigan based on Stockbridge by Ysolda Teague, which I already have, but I have no idea which pattern I’ll use for the corduroy pants. We’ll see!

Luna Lovegood clothes from the exhibition

Luna Lovegood official photo

Orange sweater → Since autumn, I have been intentionally choosing more colours for my knitting. Especially for sweaters, but not only. However, I still don’t have orange in my wardrobe. I have been avoiding this colour for a long time, but I think I am ready for orange if I choose the right shade. I’ve already thought of these two options: Apricite by Kiyomi Burgin in ONION Mohair+Nettle+Wool, or Lyon Sweater by PetiteKnit in BC Garn Semilla Melange.

Gentle Lopi → I fell in love with this design the minute I saw it! It’s a design by Melody Hoffmann in two strands of Plötulopi. Oh, how I miss knitting with Plötulopi!

#MakeNine2024, the third row

Sew with my Harris Tweed → When I was in Scotland this summer, I bought a few pieces of Harris Tweed fabric. I want to finally find some time to sew something with that. I was thinking of some project bags, and we’ll see if I’ll find enough courage to sew also a roll-top backpack!

Long cardigan → This is also an old wish from last year’s Make Nine. I plan to knit a longer Gooseberry Cardigan by Katerina C. Rieckel but without the gooseberries. It should be rust / terracotta, but I don’t know the exact yarn yet.

Something I’ll design → It’s been over two years since I designed something. Back then, I published 22 patterns! I don’t want to design many new patterns, but I would like to create one or two small projects that I would put on Ravelry for free.

Terranean refers to planet Earth, as I am a geographer. It also includes Tera, a diminutive of my name. And I am a knitter and sewer. That's what Terranean Stitch means.